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HMS Clare

24 Queen Edith’s Way, Hallcroft

History of 24 Queen Edith's Way


A F Wightman


Walter H Kester, b 1872, asst. inspector GPO retired

Rosa B Landman, b 1901

Rosemary H P Landman, b 1937

Maud Linsey, b 1880, companion help

Leopold Hewetson Landman, b 1908, Royal Navy Lieut Commander Operation Division Admiralty

Lt Cmdr Landman was commander of destroyer HMS Clare from 1941 to 1942.

21 Nov 1942
HMS Clare picks up 56 survivors from the Panamanian merchant Buchanan that was torpedoed and sunk on 12 November 1942 in the North Atlantic in position 52°06’N, 25°54’W by German U-boat U-224.

Commander of destroyer HMS Hotspur 1944.

There is an interesting account of the relationship between the Kester, Cory and Landman families at this website:


Rosa Kester had married the wealthy Reginald Cory in 1930. Reginald was a keen supporter of the Cambridge Botanic Gardens and when he died in 1934 left £400,000 to the upkeep of the Gardens. Rosa had been almost 30 years younger than Reginald; two years after his death she remarried, to Leopold Landman, an officer in the Royal Navy, seven years her junior.




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