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23 Hope Street, Curtis Dairy

History of 23 Hope Street

Milly Barraclough recalled being sent with her sister with a pint jug and fourpence to Mr Curtis’s dairy. They would knock on the door and hand over the money and jug to Mrs Curtis. The rather forbidding lady would close the door and later return with their jug full of milk from the dairy in the back yard. The milk came from the cows the Curtis boys drove in for milking from the fields in the Rustat Road area. (JF)

BF lived in the 1930s in a house in Argyle Street that backed onto the dairy. She recalled how during the summer months, when the dairy had grazing rights, one of the Curtis’s sons would take the herd across Mill Road into Catharine Street and onto Coldhams Common and bring them back in the evening – he riding his bike behind them.



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