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167 Sturton Street

A Groom and a Railway Carter


James Smith, head, married, 20, labourer in iron works, b. Tundoon, Hertfordshire
Florence Smith, wife, married, 21, dressmaker, b. Cambridge


Henry Dawson, 22, Groom, b. Cambridge

Emma M A Dawson, 24, b. London


William Strangward, 27, railway carter, b. Cambridge

Emily Strangward, 26, b. Quy

Hilda Strangward, 4, b. Cambridge

Fred Strangward, 2, b. Cambridge

Martha Strangward, 1, b. Cambridge

This family moves to 175 Sturton Street.


Henry Palmer, head, 32, married, plumber, b. Cambridge
Annie Palmer, wife, 28, married, b. Quy, Cambridgeshire
Thomas Palmer, son, 1, b. Cambridge
Married 2 years, 1 child

Sarah Hannah Claydon, 33, married to Walter Claydon, although he isn’t home on the night of the Census.  Sarah grew up on York Street where here parents are still living at number 51.
Walter Reginald Claydon, 6, school child
Alfred William Claydon, 4, school child
Iris Ena Claydon, 10 months,

Sarah Hannah Claydon, widow, lives here with her two children Alfred (22) and Iris (19).  Alfred was named after his grandfather, Alfred William Elborn, who lives at 51 York Street.  The younger Alfred works as a Grocer’s Assistant and Iris as a flat knitting machinist.


Richard J Santry

Susan Santry née Glynis Adams

Richard and Glynis married in Cambridge in 1965. Her reminiscences of her childhood in Barnwell are recorded in ‘Memories of Abbey and East Barnwell.’

Source – 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 UK Census, 1970 Kellys


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