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45 York Street

A Coal Porter & a Cook


John Parr, head, 35, 1846, coal porter (labourer), Exning, Suffolk
Edith Parr, wife, 31, 1850, Soham, Cambridgeshire
John W. Parr, son, 6, 1875, Soham, Cambridgeshire
Sarah E. Parr, daughter, 7, 1874, scholar, Cambridge
Edith Parr, daughter, 4, 1877, scholar, Cambridge
Henrietta May Parr, daughter, 1, 1880, Cambridge

John is the brother of Charles Parr at number 47 York Street.  Both brothers have a one year old daughter called Henrietta.  John’s daughter Henrietta works as House Parlour maid to a lady living at 6 St. Peter’s Terrace in 1901.  She married Augustus Stearn (gardener) in 1910.


John Parr, head, coal porter, 47, 1844, Exning, Suffolk
Edith Parr, 42, 1849, Soham,
Sarah Parr, mantle maker, 17, 1874, B. Cambridge
William Parr, painter’s labourer, 16, 1875, Soham,
Edith Parr, 14, 1877, B. Cambridge
Henrietta Parr, scholar, 11, 1880, B. Cambridge
Annie Parr, scholar, 7, 1884, B. Cambridge
Ethel Parr, scholar, 5, 1886, B. Cambridge
Agnes Parr, 1, 1890, B. Cambridge


Mary Barrett, head, cook, 54, 1847, Newmarket, Cambridgeshire
Walter Barrett, son, stoker at gas works, 27, 1874, Cambridge
Edith F Barrett, daughter, 22, 1879, Cambridge
Grace M Barrett, visitor, 25, 1876, Cambridge
Edward E Barrett, son, 17, 1884, Cambridge
Madge Barrett, daughter, 7 months, 1900, Cambridge


Julia Maskell, 60, widow, b. Chesterton

Albert Maskell, 28, baker, b. Cottenham

Robert Maskell, 25, stoker for GER, b. Cottenham

Kate Blackley, 26, visitor, domestic cook, b. Cambridge

Julia didn’t record how long she had been married, but she did record that she had nine children and three had died.

Sources: 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 UK Census


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