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244 (104) Newmarket Road, The Race Horse Public House

History of 104 Newmarket Road

In the 1960s this pub was rebuilt much further out along the Newmarket Road but subsequently demolished.

Henry Gunning, in his Reminiscences of the University Town and County of Cambridge 1854,  writes about Stourbridge Fair:

As soon as you left Barnwell, there was a small public-house on the right-hand side, called the Race-horse; here the cheese fair began; from these till you cam opposite the road leading to Chesterton Ferry, the ground was exclusively occupied by dealers in that article.

1830: Jeremiah Appleby (Pigot’s)

1839: Jeremiah Appleby (Pigot’s)

1852: Jeremiah Appleby (Slaters)


Jeremiah Appleby, inn keeper, 55, b Waterbeach
Edmund Wells, boarder, Inspector of Weights & Measures, widow, 70, b Norwich
Jane Wells, visitor, 22, b Waterbeach
Frederick Wells, nephew, labourer, 16, b Waterbeach,


James Northfield, publican, 32, b Shalford
Lucy Northfield,  33, b Bottisham
Sarah E Northfield,  6, b Cambridge
George J Northfield,  5, b Cambridge
William J Northfield,  3, b Cambridge
Lucy L Northfield,  2, Cambridge
Rosamond Northfield,  4 mos, b Cambridge
Charles Howey, lodger,  tobacconist, 72, b Mildenhall

1879: John Cleaver (Kellys)

1881: John Cleaver, Publican & Tobacco Pipe Maker (Spalding’s)


John Cleaver, publican, 42. b Rowden, Leicester
Mary A C Cleaver, 42, b Steeple Bumpstead, Essex
Ann E Cleaver, 14, b Cambridge
Harry Cleaver, 8, b Cambridge
Eleanor Cleaver, 4, b Cambridge
Herbert Cleaver, 2, b Cambridge
Florence M Cleaver, 1, b Cambridge
Nellie Marshall, lodger, charwoman, 24, b Comberton
Joseph Marshall, lodger, 5, b Cambridge
Charles Gordon, lodger, cabinet maker, 22, b Plymouth
George Brown, lodger, cattle drover, 35, b Cambridge
Michael J Welsh, lodger, 12, b Leicester
Frederick Diss, lodger, hawker, 41, b Halstead
Ellen Diss, lodger, hawker, 39, b London
Frederick Diss, lodger, hawker, 17, b Cambridge
Jemima Diss, lodger, 7, b Lyn Norfolk
Mary A Diss, lodger, 5, b Bury St. Edmunds
William Diss, lodger, 3, b Ipswich Suffolk
George Brown, lodger, bricklayer, 45, b Sussex
Joseph Payne, lodger, blacksmith, 33, b Cambridge
Thomas Longley, lodger, (tobacco) pipe maker, 43, b Lancashire
Richard Glazier, lodger, (tobacco) pipe maker, 63, b Eaton Buckingham
Charles Tingey, lodger, labourer, 40, b Cambridge
Harry Shed, lodger, pensioner, 30, b Cambridge
Michael Welsh, lodger, labourer, 29, b Leicester
Ann Welsh, lodger, 25, b Leicester
Annie Welsh, lodger, 1 mo, b Norwich

1883: Mrs Sarah Gravestock (Kellys)

1888: Alfred Loker (Kellys)

1892: Alfred Loker (Kellys)

1896: Alfred Loker (Kellys)

1904: John Buck (Kellys)

1913: (244) Walter Moses Odell

1916: Hy Woodroffe (Kellys)


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