Capturing Cambridge
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42 (13?) Newmarket Road

History of 42 Newmarket Road

1901: (13?) probable location

Ernest Taylor, 26, manual instructor, London

Annie, 24,  Sutton

John, 1, Cambridge

Constance, 3, Cambridge



John Brignell, 40, builder and undertaker, b Cambridge

Julia, 39, b Glemsford

Lilly Julia, 16, law student, b Cambridge

Eva Willie, 12, b Cambridge

Maria Cook, relative, 42, b Glemsford



John Brignell, builder

During the war John would send parcels of food and other essentials to men in the trenches. I received a letter of thanks from a soldier in the 6th Division whop went on to say: We have not had a wash, shave or change for two weeks, and are plastered from head to foot with mud. We are a happy band of mudlarks and still keep smiling. (From Barnwell at War, 2018).



John Brignell and Co


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