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The Moat Newmarket Road

Paper Mills, The Moat, Newmarket Road

History of Paper Mills, Newmarket Road

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: it was built early in the 18th century and consists of a long rectangular range at right angles to the Newmarket Road. Alterations were made early in the 19th century and subsequently a wing and various small additions were built on the E. The mill adjoining on the N, presumably a rebuilding of an older mill, is dated 1871. Fuller writing in 1662 says paper was made here ‘in memory of our fathers’. Subsequently it seems to have been used as a flour mill until affected by reduction in the flow of the brook resulting from extraction by the Waterworks Company who bought the freehold.

A B Gray, Cambridge Revisited, noted in 1921 the attractive garden here. He writes that the old building had been used as a flour mill until the water supply was interrupted.

1901 Fen Ditton

John James, 51, machinist letting out threshing machines, b Fen Ditton

1913 The Moat

Francis George Blandford

Frederick J Pope (born 1905) remembered in the CEN 1988:

At the back of the Globe was the Paper Mills. A Mr Northfield had a sign writing business there and that was where the quoits beds were; the Globe played in the quoits league. The other teams in the league were the Dog and Pheasant, Gas Works, Pike and Eel, British Queen and Salisbury. The Ordnance Corps took over the Maltings during WWI; it was ideal because it had space and its own railway siding. 


(a) Hector Chadwick, b 1870, professor of Anglo Saxon

Hector Munro Chadwick, Paper Mills Newmarket Road

Norah Kershaw, b 1891

Nora Kershaw Chadwick, Paper Mills Newmarket Road


Sarkis Topalian, b 1892,  lecturer School of Oriental Studies

Satenik, b 1896


Sylvia, b 1925


May, b 1928

1950s: house was lived in by Nan Youngman and Betty Rea.

Nan Youngman

Betty Rea was an acquaintance of Desmond Bernal; she created the statue of the three bronze swimmers outside Cambridge’s Parkside swimming pool. She taught at Homerton College between 1949 and 1964.

Betty Rea (Homerton College)

Betty Rea

The Swimmers by Betty Rea

1962 Paper Mills

Mrs Rea

The Paper Mills, Newmarket Road (MoC100/71)

Paper Mills, Ditton Walk, Newmarket Road (MoC113/71)

Plaque on photo reads ‘F.E.1871’


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