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9 - 12 Clarendon Street

10 Clarendon Street

History of 10 Clarendon Street


John Atkins, 40,  Tailor, b Elsenham, Kent

Mary Atkins, 40, b. Bury, Suffolk


James Miller, 54, Plumber employing 4 men, b. Bury, Suffolk

Caroline Miller, 48, b. Cambridge

Caroline Miller, 19, Dressmaker, b. Cambridge

James Miller, 15, ?Glaziwicks?, b. Cambridge

Louisa Miller, 13, b. Cambridge

George Miller, 11, b. Cambridge

Charles Miller, 9, b. Cambridge

Dinah Miller, 7, b. Cambridge

Lucy Miller, 5, b. Cambridge


George S Gower, 56, Railway Accountant, b. Weathersfield, Essex

Mary Gower, 55, b. Whitton, Suffolk

Frederick C Gower, 24, Printer, b. Ipswich

Elizabeth M Gower, 20, ?Assistant Saucy Wool?, b. Ipswich

Martha Ejohnson, 15, Domestic Servant, b. Manchester

1874 – 8

Frank Pigot, shorthand writer, reporter, & newspaper correspondent (1874) then Richard Jones (1878)


Richard Thomas Jones, 37, Clothiers Shopman, b. Cambridge

Sarah Ann Jones, 37, b. Cambridge

Annie Elizabeth Jones, 11, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Florence Lilly Jones, 7, Scholar, b. Cambridge

George Percy Jones, 2, b. Cambridge

Ernest Willy Jones, 1, b. Cambridge


Richard T Jones, 47, Sewing Machine Agent, b. Cambridge

Sarah Ann Jones, 46, b. Cambridge

Florence L Jones, 17, Scholar, b. Cambridge

George P Jones, 12, b. Cambridge

Ernest W Jones, 11, b. Cambridge

Dennis O Jones, 8, b. Cambridge

Moved to #1 by 1901 census


Ann Smith, lodging house keeper


Ann Smith, 50, b. Brompton, London

Walter C Newman, 37, Head, Schoolmaster, b. Winchester


Mary Ann Kent, 66, Lodging Keeper, b. Swaffham Prior

Selina Kent (sisiter), 59, b. Swaffham Prior

Note: these names are recorded as being at #11 – but so is the following entry (Sydney Holmes) – so presumably this is a mistake?

There is no record for #10


Miss Ann Smith, lodging-house keeper


William Hayden, b 1912, police constable Cambridge Boro

Phyllis, b 1877, Pembroke College bedmaker

Life at 10 Clarendon Street in WWII

Account by PC Hayden of an event during WWII:

William Hayden Pt1

William Hayden Pt2

William Hayden Pt3

The raids that William Hayden describes are:

Tuesday 28th July 1942: a Junkers 88 flew very low over Cambridge in the middle of the night. Bombs were dropped in the vicinity of the Round Church and Thompson’s Lane. According to Jack Overhill’s diary, three people were killed and some injured; a lot of damage was done including some to the Union Society; a cobble weighing about two pounds was flung as far as Charles Lamb’s house on King’s Parade.

Monday 24th February 1941: several planes dropped bombs along Hills Road. Twelve were killed in Hills Road; two women in Grantchester meadows killed.

Date of bombing of Chesterton Junction: not known at present

In 2020 Maggie Primeau wrote:

All my relatives on fathers side were from Cambridge area (Haydens) Grandmother lived at 10 Clarendon St, father’s brother was Police Constable.



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