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Radegund Buildings, Jesus Lane

50 Jesus Lane, 1 St Radegund’s Buildings

History of 50 Jesus Lane

According to Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959, Radegund Buildings were begun in 1816 on the initiative of Jesus College.  Nos. 1-10 c. 1825.


Charles B Cornwell, 57, coal merchant, b Herts


William Charles Dewberry, 38, professor of music, b Cambridge

Ellen G,  29, b Essex

Ellen G, 8, b Cambridge

Maud B G, 5, b Cambridge

Ethel M, 3, b Cambridge

Elliot B, 1, b Cambridge

Emily J Prior, 17, servant, b Boxworth

Sarah Porter, 17, servant, b Essex

William Dewberry became organist at Madingley church, then Emmanuel and Clare Colleges. The family later lived at 15 Parkside.

See Mill Road Cemetery entry


Miss Bullock, boarding house


Winifred W Bowling

Laura L J Germany

Amy Vinson

In 1901 the Germany family were at 29 Alpha Road.

Laura and Amy’s sister, Beatrice Ward née Germany ran a university lodging house in Jesus Lane.


Laura L J Germany

Amy Vinson

VG added in 2024: Aunt Laura and Aunt Amy also eventually lived together in Jesus Lane, towards the roundabout/junction with Malcolm Street. Not sure of the number but I can remember as a very small girl going to visit them just down the road and the house seeming rather dark with lots of what was then used a lot in old houses, brown paint!


Maurice West


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