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Manor House of St Radegund, Jesus Lane

History of the Manor House of St Radegund

Cadell and Davies 1808 guide to Cambridge says that at the Dissolution this religious house passed to Jesus College. The original building burned down in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

An article on BNO about the Priory of St Radegund which later became Jesus College can be found here:

Alison Taylor in Cambridge – The Hidden History writes:

the Benedictine nunnery of St Radegund’s, was a more humble institution, as women’s houses generally were. Its location just outside the bounds of the medieval town, however, meant that its premises and estates were valuable properties which were converted into Jesus College in 1496.

The nunnery had existed in the 12th century and accumulated gifts of land. Although there were only about 12 religious residents, by the 15th cent. the nunnery was running a large farming estate. There was an annual market in the adjacent Garlic Lane (now Park Street).

The church of the nunnery still survives: it is now the Jesus College chapel. It has lost the original aisles, sidechapels and most of the nave; outside can still be seen a medieval doorway, windows, remains of a prioress’s tomb and a bench where the feet of the poor were washed on Maundy Thursday.


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