Capturing Cambridge
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31 Market Hill

History of 31 Market Hill


Richard S Graves, 47, linen draper, b Lincs

Marianne C, 39, b Northants

Fanny S, 7, b Cambridge

Mary W, 5, b Cambridge

John J, 4, b Cambridge

Sarah, 3, b Cambridge

Edith, 1, b Cambridge

Richard W, 3 mos, b Cambridge

Francis E Hubbard, 24, draper assistant, b Leics

Arthur G Pattison, 17, draper apprentice, b Yorks

James B Frost, 15, draper apprentice, b Suffolk

Lizzie Mills, milliner, 22, b Waterbeach

Emma A Cruckshed, milliner, 26, b London

Sarah Ellen Fitzjohn, 24, draper’s assistant, b Rutland

Betsy Abbott, 21, servant, b Hunts

Ann Munson, 18, servant, b Cambs

Harriett Shaw, 16, servant, b Cambridge

Harriett Glascock, 13, servant, b Cambridge


Eliza Blunson, 50, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Heady, sister,  65, annuitant, b Cambridge

Adolfo Giordano, lodger, 30, clerk, b Italy

Romolo G Giordano, lodger, 22, clerk, b Italy





S Tredgett and Sons, fruiterers and florists

According to Enid Porter in ‘Victorian Cambridge’ George Tredgett had had a florist’s shop on Market Hill from the mid 19th centruy; they had bought a nursery garden business in Mill Road fro Jabez Chater in 1871. This was later sold when Mill Road was developed and they moved to the Ainger Nurseries in Histon Road.

2018 occupied by Cath Kidston.


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