Capturing Cambridge
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9 Peas Hill

History of 9 Peas Hill


William Wallis, 50, linen draper, b Harston

Mary, 31, b Cambridge

George, 15, b Cambridge

John Marze, 24, linen draper assistant, b Herts

Robert Barber, 21, linen draper assistant, b Cambridge

William Frampton, 25, linen draper assistant, b Wilts

Edward Whitechurch, 15, linen draper apprentice, b Harlton

William Green, linen draper apprentice, b Ely

Mary Rickard, 26, housemaid, b London

Susan Casley, 17, cook, b Sawston

9 Peas Hill, 1855



John Prentice, visitor, 51, gentleman, b Suffolk


1891: vacant


19/11/1909: Frederic William Hodgson carried on the business as plumber and decorator for nearly 30 years. He was a life-long abstainer and the oldest Deputy Grand Worthy Patriarch of the Cambridge Sons of Temperance, having cycled some thousands of miles whilst engaged in propaganda work. The sad cortege proceeded from his house in Peas Hill to Mill Road cemetery where the first part of the funeral service was conducted in the chapel. The coffin was borne by fellow members of friendly societies. (Cam.News)



W Titbit Norman, tailor and robe maker

Mrs Hodgson

J Moyne, gymnasium


George James Moyne, son of J Moyne, died in Egypt while on active service 9.10.1918


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