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4 Quayside / Union Tavern / Cock and Pie / Old Cock and Magpie

History of 4 Quayside

Half Moon and Quayside

Plot 4 on map. For further information see T E Faber, An Intimate History of St Clement’s Parish,’ 2006.

1623-52 John Pratt for Cock and Pye in 1646

1653-71 Robert Gunnell

1672-83 William Paine for Cock and Pie

1677 Nicholas Tabor I bequeathes Cock and Pye ‘wherin lyeth Payne’

1697 Nicholas Tabor II mortgages Cock and Pye

1740 Henry Markham

1742 James Gosling replaces Elizabeth Markham

1744-97 Henry. later Thomas Markham, for Cock and Pie

1798-1809 not listed (see Cock and Magpie)

1810-16 Henry later Thomas Markham for Old Cock and Pie

1817-19 listed as Union

1820-54 listed continuously as Union Tavern

According to ‘Fenner’s Men’ by Willie Sugg, the Union was one of the earliest Cambridge pub clubs dating from around 1820 . Being within easy reach of Midsummer Common it was sometimes known as the “Common Club” to distinguish it from its competitors who played on Parker’s Piece. The Union, Fountain and Castle [clubs] played relatively low key matches between themselves. As the Cambridge Cricket  Club folded, they became the crucial factor in maintaining and rebuilding the town’s cricketing structure.

1855-56 not listed


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