Capturing Cambridge
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Queens’ Lane – census data

History of Queen's Lane


2 Queens’ Lane:

Frederick Bunn, head, 40, college servant, b Gt Abingdon

Frederick F C Chalmers, head, 46, Rector of Reckenham Kent, b Nova Scotia Canada

3 Queens’ Lane:

William Lawrence, head, 48, college porter, b Cambs

4 Queens’ Lane:

Jane Bloom, head, 61, college servant, b Cambridge

Queens’ Lane: Queens’ College Alms houses

Mary Fuller, head, 70, inmate, b London

Lydia Edwards, head, 74, inmate, b Herts

Elizabeth Finke, head, 23, inmate formerly laundress, b Barrington

Mary Leach, head, 70, inmate, b Horningsea

Mary Dockerill, head, 75, inmate formerly a nurse, b Cambridge

Sarah Lawrence, head, 74, inmate, b Cambs

Sarah Plant, 84, head, inmate, b Cambridge

Phillis Edwards, 80, inmate, b Fulbourn




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