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58 - 59 Sidney Street (British Library)

57 – 60 Sidney Street, Joshua Taylor & Co

History of 57 - 60 Sidney Street

c 1830

Mr Beechino, grocer


(60) Henry Taylor, 25, tailor clothier, b Cambridge

Mary Taylor, 23, b Chesterton

(59) George Shippey, ironmonger, b Cambridge

Ann, 34, b Bedford

George, 12, b Cambridge

Susanna, 8, b Cambridge

Alfred Vining, apprentice, 20, ironmonger, b Somerset

Adelaide Barker, 18, cook, b Cambs

Mary Ann Rose, 15, servant, b Cambs

(58) Thomas Hennesy, 52, innkeeper, b Hunts

Francis, 52, b Bedford

Fanny, 23, b Hunts

Emma, 21, b Hunts

Elizabeth, 19, b Hunts

Harriett Hopwood, 20, servant, b Essex

William Reynolds, 16, errand boy, b Essex

(57) Thomas Bond, 71, grocer, b Hardwick

Elizabeth, 60, b Royston

Anne Crow Bond, daughter, 35, b Cambridge

Alfred Bryan, 26, assistant grocer, b Leics

Benjamin Thomas, 24, assistant grocer, b Wales

Sarah Parsons, 26, servant, b Sawston

Joshua Taylor Sidney Street



Alfred Bryan, 36, grocer, b Leics


James Webb, 39, coffee and eating house keeper, b Carlton


Henry Taylor, 37, tailor and clothier, b Cambridge


William Bartleman, 29, clicker, b London


The relationship that developed between Ranjitsinhji, the great cricketer Indian prince, and Mary Holmes is recorded here:

He rented a whole train to take his love Mary Holmes (also called Madge and Poly) to London for a holiday in the 1890s even as he was deeply in debt owing money to his tailor, bartender, grocer, newsagent and restauranteur. It all started when Ranji was cycling past Bond and Holmes (established 1874) their huge grocery store on Cambridge’s 57 Sidney Street, when the two sisters Mary and Minnie saw the Indian prince for the first time.  Finding him extremely attractive they dropped their handkerchief for Ranji to pick up. Once he picked it up, the journey had begun.  The next stop was the Holmes house above their store. The 18 year old Ranji soon became a regular. Only after a few months he started calling Mr. and Mrs. Holmes mother and father. 


Joshua Taylor, department store


Monsoon, fashion

Superdrug, chemists

David Clulow, opticians


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