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Entry to Post Office Terrace as well 4 & 5 St Andrew's Street

Post Office Terrace, St Andrew’s Street

History of Post Office Terrace

This now the entrance to the Lion Yard shopping centre and has been renamed, Lion Yard. It was originally the yard of the Brazen George. Post Office Terrace replaced the inn in 1850, the yard becoming a small street then the site of the Post Office until 1886. The terrace of houses was lived in until after WWI, wen it became offices.

4 Post Office Terrace (British Museum)

Plan of Vail premises at 1 Post Office Terrace (Christ’s College)

Circular fire grate from Post Office Terrace (MoC169/57)


(1) John Vail, 50, whitesmith 4 men and 2 boys, b Essex

(2) George Carpenter, 42, tailor, b London

(3) Ann M Naden, 52, lodging house keeper, b London

(4) William H Shearman, 43, plasterer employing 2 men, b Cambridge

(5) James Willis, 23, plumbers labourer, b Cambridge

Smith Shop: unoccupied


Arthur Nicholls moved his photography business here from 5 All Saints Passage.

A Nicholls, Post Office Terrace, subject unknown (MoC)


J E Bliss took over A Nicholls photography business

J E Bliss, Post Office Terrace, subject unknown (MoC)

J E Bliss, Post Office Terrace, subject unknown (MoC)

J E Bliss, Post Office Terrace, subject unknown (MoC)

J E Bliss, Post Office Terrace, subject unknown (MoC)

J E Bliss, Post Office Terrace, subject unknown (MoC)

J E Bliss, Post Office Terrace, subject unknown (MoC)

Post Office Terrace, 1873 (MoC64/68)

John Vail ironmongery business late 19th century (Cambs Collection)

Post office Terrace: drawing by Slim Smith from The Lion Yard (1974)




C W Clark, college servant and University lodging house keeper

The Northern Equitable  Insurance Co. Ltd: W A Taylor, district secretary

C Percy Jones, solicitor

J Palmer Clarke, art and landscape photographer: F H Sanderson; C E Goodrich

(1) John Vail, furnishing ironmonger, smith, bellhanger, gas fitter: John Barnes Vail

(2) H J Whitehead & Son, solicitor

(3) William Nicolls, Wright and Scruby: auctioneers, valuers and estate agents


(6) Office of the Cambridgeshire permanent Building Society: J G Bland secretary

F C Field Hyde, teacher of voice production, music, singing and elocution

John Vail, furnishing ironmonger

H Johnson and Nephew, goods entrance: Mrs Harrod

Post Office Terrace 1970 (MoC 202/70)

1a Post Office Terrace, 1972 (MoC123/72)

Post Office Terrace, 1972 (MoC122/72)


Terrace demolished for a telephone exchange

Post Office Terrace c. 1972 (MoC 121/72)

Post Office Terrace (MoC2/3/72)

Post office Terrace (MoC124/72)

Post Office Terrace (MoC78/72)





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