Capturing Cambridge
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St Michael’s Court, Gonville & Caius College

History of St Michael's Court


Charles P Summer, undergraduate student, 24, b France

Walter Rippman, graduate student, 22, b Middlesex

Howard Marshall, 20, undergraduate student, b Durham

Robert P Smallwood, 21, undergraduate student, b Worcs

James R Murphy, 21, undergraduate student, b Ireland



Frederick John Marrian Stratton, 29, fellow of Caius College, b Birmingham

Harold Mattingly, 26, visitor, assistant librarian British Museum, b Suffolk

William Newell, 54, porter in Caius College, b Cambridge

Catherine Newell,  boarder, 50, b Cambridge

F J M Stratton had a distinguished role in both World Wars. In WWI he reached the rank of acting lieutenant-colonel and became Chief Signals officer of the 19th Corps BEF. In WW II he was given a special-duties role concerned with radio security. He was Professor of Astrophysics at Cambridge from 1928-1947.


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