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23 Water Street

History of 23 Water Street

Thanks to the work of John Baker on the Chesterton Manorial Records, it is possible to  connect some of the ancient plots in this area to modern addresses.

One of these is inclosure award nos. 196-198 on an 1840 map. It seems that by 1901 there were three cottages on this sites, nos. 21, 22, and 23. Before this census because of a lack of house numbering and different names, it is not possible to know with certainty who in previous censuses lived on this site. However the Chesterton Manorial records show the transfers of ownership and several of the names involved are those we find in census returns in the proximity. There it is possible that these household were living on the site.

The italic text is a summary of John Baker’s research.

1576: John Corey is one of the customary tenants. He paid 8d rent for a parcel of a tenement of late Th Parish.Thomas Parish died 1584. For the case of Thomas and Richard Paris, who resisted the proctor at a bear baiting in Chesterton in 1581, and had previously done the same at a football playing in 1579, see BL MS. Lansdowne 33 (28-35)

1585: John Battisford paid 1s 2d rent for a parcel of a tenement of the late Edmund Hammond and before that Robert Corey’s … Thomas Ventrys paid 3 1/2d for 1a. 3 1/2r. of customary land late John Corey’s.

1647, 5 Oct: Amy Ransom surrd all her copyholds to the use of Joseph ransom her son

1648, 18 April: Joseph Ransom surrd surrd tenement to himself for life , then to wife Mary for life

1649, 22 Jan: Joseph Ransom surrd all that messuage or tenement where he swells and being in the ‘Walter street’ to Lewis Brigges on condition of payment of £72 8s.

1671: Tho Atkinson and wife Mary (nee Ransome) surrd to Andrew Sewell and wife Sarah the moiety of two tenement s called Coreys and Gents.

1712: John Sewell adm. to messuage in water Lane in his own occupation… and also to Coreys and Gents, which were in his occupation

1712: John Sewell surrd to Jame  Salt a messuage and orchard in water Lane … and two tenements with malthouses called Coreys and Gents.

1721: John Sewell surrd to James Salt … a malthouse called Coreys, and another called Gents, in mortgage for £121 10s.

1755: James Salt, clk, and Thomas Hills and wife sarah, surrd to Tho Hemington a messuage … and ‘all those two cottages or tenements called Coreys and Gents in Waterstreet in Chesterton afsd with the malthouse and appurtenances.

1762: TH reported dead, having devised all tenements in Chesterton to his nephew Robt Sparrow

1796: Robt Sparrow died, an his widow Mary adm to messuage in Water Lane  … and reversion of undivided moiety of 2 cottages in Water St called Coreys and Gents lately in occupation of Tho Beaumont and Edw Pate and now of Edw Powell and Tho Barton, and the malthouse which has been converted into 5 tenements in occupation of Thomas Rust, Robert Farrin, John Jolly, Samul Doggett and John Papworth.

1809: John Sparrow devised all lands in Cambs to wife Eleanor prior Sparrow for life.

1829: Robert Sparrow of Chesterton, farmer, surrd to use of Chr Pemberton, std of manor, on condn of payment of £500, undivided moiety of messuage or ten in Water Lane … and undivided moiety of those cottages called Coreys and Gents.

1840: Nos. 196-198 shown as copyholds belonging to Rob Sparrow and Eleanor Prior Sparrow [malthouse is divided into 5]

1847: Rob Sparrow died

1850: Auction  particulars, lot 2: ‘A very respectable Brick, Timber and Tiled Dwelling House, and two tenements adjoining, let to Collins and Keath, together with the well enclosed garden ground behind, pleasantly situated in Water Street opposite the Cam. lot 3: ‘Five Timber and Tiled Cottages, next the last Lot with the Ground in front, as now partly fenced, let to Bell, Adams and Bunham and two unoccupied.’

1851: Tabitha Sparrow adm under her father’s will

1852: Benjamin Jolley adm to 196-198 under bargain and sale from Sparrow’s trustees. He later mortgaged 196-198 to Mary Wragg for £100

Some of these names can be identified from the 1851 census. Benjamin Jolley was a Chelsea Pensioner. Bartholemew Keath  was a brickmaker. Mary Bell  was on Parish Relief. Robert Adams is listed as is Francis Bunham, an agricultural labourer. There is also a William Sparrow, shoemaker.

Members of the Jolley family can be found from 1851 until Alice Jolley in 1901 at 38 Water Street. Benjamin Keath is found in 1851 and 1861.


Robert Wilson

1902: On death of Jolley, passed to B C Jolley, James Peal and Miss E Jolley


Robert Wilson


Hannah M Wilson, b 1912


Charles E Wilson


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