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102 Hills Road (40)

History of 102 Hills Road


George Kett, 51, carver and builder employing 40, b Norfolk

Sarah, 51, b Norfolk

Edmund, 19, b Norfolk

William, 17, b Norfolk

Alfred, 17, b Norfolk

Susannah E, 14, b London

Frederic J, 12, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Lincoln, mother in law, 93, b Norfolk

Mary Ann Matthew, 16, servant, b Cambridge

By 1871 the family had moved to 18 Station Road  For more information about Rattee and Kett follow the link.


James Owen, 26, coal merchant, b St Ives

Mary B, 27, b Cambridge

Edward F, 1, b Cambridge

William, 24, brother, b St Ives, clerk

Emma Leader, servant, 20, b Bourne



Thomas Reeve, 59, builder, b Shelford

Frances, 59, b Duxford




Arthur Negus, 48, builder, b Meldreth [His business was based at 88 Regent Street]

Sarah Ann, 51, b Cambs

Arthur T, 22, b Cambridge, joiner

Ernest W, 19, b Cambridge, builder’s clerk

Margaret E, 14, b Cambridge

Alice Leonard, 17, servant, b Soham

Arthur Negus of the Cambridge Liberal Party – Councillor for Romsey Ward


Mary Ann Elizabeth Craven, 56, widow, b Chesterton

Reginald Robert, 28, ironmonger, b Cambridge

Blanche Ivy Elizabeth, 22, b Cambridge

William Stafford, visitor, 23, dyer and cleaner, b Cheshire

Daisy Dorothy Clements, 18, servant, b Cambridge


Mrs Craven


Mrs Alice Saunders, widow of Mr J E Saunders of Clayhithe


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