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130 Hills Road

130 – 138 Hills Road, Oxford House

History of 130 - 138 Hills Road


L & N W R co. cottages

Simeon Warrington, head, 35, b Swavesey, ag lab

James Reynolds, head, 32, b Beds, shunter on railway

Elizabeth Reynolds, 27, b Sandy

Robert Walker, lodger, 19, b Beds, railway servant

James Benidge, head, 33, b Northants, railway signalman

Sarah Ann Benidge, 46, b Peterborough,

Thomas Benidge, 14, b Beds,

Charles Hack, lodger, 23, b Bucks, railway fireman

William Banet, lodger, 60, ag lab

George Harris, head, 39, b Northants, railway engine driver

Mary Ann Harris, 43, b Warwicks,

John Harris, 16, b Bucks, ?? bookstall

Sarah Ann Harris, 15, dressmaker, b Oxon

Elizabeth Harris, b 10, b Bucks

William Watson, head, 49, b Durham, railway engine driver

Anne Watson, 45, b Beds

Ralph John W Watson, 12, b Watford

Walter Thomas Watson, 9, b Watford

Samuel Bert, head, 30, b Oxon, LNWR agent

Jane Amartalia Bert, 30, b Middlesex


(130 Hills Road)

John  W H Ivens, 38, widower, station master, b Bucks

Mabel, 13, b Beds

Julia, 12, b Beds

Florence, 9, b Cambridge

Martin, 8, b Cambridge

Frank, 5, b Cambridge

Elizabeth A Hutt, 30, housekeeper, b Haverhill

William Webb, visitor, 9, b Haverhill



Harry Hobbs, 29, railway servant, b Cambridge

Fanny, 31, b Maddingley

Leslie, 3, b Cambridge

Hilda, 2, b Cambridge



James Barratt, 35, b Warwicks, signalman

Mary Jane, 34, b Leics

Arthur J, 4, b Warwicks

Ethel M, 2, b Warwicks

William, 1, b Cambridge

Agnes, 1 m, b Cambridge

Hilda M Everard, sister in law, 44, b Leics, housekeeper



Henry Cross, 39, railway engine driver, b Beds

Jane, 39, b Warwicks

Beatrice Barnard, niece, 11, b Beds

Harry Cross, son, 6, b Beds

Emma Cross, daughter, 2, b Beds

Mary Harris, visitor, 49, b Beds



John G Panter, 34, b Oxon, railway engine driver

Mary A, 35, b Oxon

Moses J, 9, b Bucks

Annie E, 7, b Bucks



Sophy Nockold, 48, b Norwich


Harry Hobbs, 39, railway shunter, b Cambridge

Fanny, 41, b Madingley

Leslie, 13, b Cambridge

Hilda, 12, b Cambridge

Olive, 9, b Cambridge

Gertrude, 3, b Cambridge


James Barratt, 45, railway signalman, b Warwicks

Mary J, 44, b Leics

Ethel M, 12, b Warwicks

William, 11, b Cambridge

Thomas H, 6, b Cambridge

Frederick C, 3, b Cambridge

Arthur H Surridge, visitor, 22, fitter railway signals, b Cheshire


James Marshall, 65, railway carman, b Trumpington

Susan, 38, domestic, b Trumpington

Harry, 28, b Cambridge


John Pitkin, 60, railway engine driver, b Bucks

Margaret, 59, b Scotland


London and North Western and Midland Railways Goods Station and Depot

130, W Nockolds, Oxford House

London and North Western Cottages:

132, Henry Hobbs, railway servant

134, James Barratt, signalman

136, G. Thurlow, carter

138, John Pitkin, engine driver

Thomas Henry Barratt [Spelt BARRETT on SDGW] Private G/646, 6th Battalion, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). Killed in action 14th October 1915. Aged 21. Born Cambridge, enlisted Tonbridge, Kent. Son of James and Mary Jane Barratt, of 134, Hills Rd., Cambridge. No known grave. Commemorated on LOOS MEMORIAL, Pas de Calais, France. Panel 95 to 97. See also Cambridge Guildhall (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

130 Hills Road

130 Hills Road

130 Hills Road

130 Hills Road

130 Hills Road

130 Hills Road

130 Hills Road

130 Hills Road

130 Hills Road


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