Capturing Cambridge
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1 Hills Road, (OLEM Presbytery)

History of OLEM, Hills Road


Joseph Wentworth, auctioneer

Martha, 28, daughter

Joseph, 23, auctioneer, b Cambridge

Eliza, 19, b Cambridge

Sarah Edwards, 34, cook

Lucy Mallby, 20, housemaid, b Cambridge

Josiah Adam Bryans, 23, groom, b Ickleton

Eliza Underwood, 30, b Herts

Thomas Baxter George, 35, visitor, b Surrey


(1 Hills Road)

Joseph Wentworth, J P auctioneer

Martha, daughter, unmarried

Maude S, granddaughter, 4, b Cambridge

Sarah Edmonds, 40, cook, b Babraham

Sarah A Edmonds, 14, nurse, b Cambridge

Sophia Miller, 19, housemaid, b Burwell

William Mason, 21, gardener, b London


(1 Hills Road)

Joseph Wentworth, auctioneer, 75, b Cambridge

Martha, 43, b Cambridge

Eliza, 33, b Cambridge

Sarah Edmonds, 52, cook, b Babraham

Sarah Topsham, housemaid,  b Cambridge


(1 Hills Road)



(R C Presbytry)

Christopher Scott

Edward Coulson, boarder, 43, museum attendant, b Cambridge

Mary Kent, servant, widow, 62, housekeeper, b Cambridge

Susannah Yeoman, servant, 27, housemaid, Gt Gidding


(Catholic Rectory Hills Road)

Christopher Scott, 62, Roman Catholic Priest, b Cambridge

William H Read, boarder, 30, Roman Catholic Priest, b Norwich

Stbelbert [?] Smith, 26, nephew, photographer, b Norfolk

Clarence Mills, boarder, 25, sacristan church, b Burwell

Emily Keen, 52, housekeeper, b Staffs.

Winifred Lewis, 17, housemaid, born King’s Lynn


Christopher Scott, 72, Roman Catholic Priest, b Cambridge

Andrew Joseph Kay, boarder, 31, Roman Catholic Priest, b Lancs

Pierre Guillaume Prevost, visitor, 32, Roman Catholic Priest, b Switzerland

Clarence Mills, boarder, 35, sacristan, b Burwell

Elizabeth Hubbard, servant, 40, housekeeper, b Hunts

Agnes Dean, servant, 26, housemaid, b Gt Shelford


Rt Rev Monsignor Provost Scott, DD VG MR Roman Catholic Rectory

Rev A J Kay assistant priest



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