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Kings College arms

14 (8) Hills Road (2 Cintra Terrace)

History of 14 Hills Road

Pevsner notes (Cambridgeshire p. 327): the retained facade of Cintra House, originally added c 1860-5 to an early C19 four-storey terrace. The design is reportedly by John Edlin, in a very coarse eclectic style, with a row of roundels and heads sticking out of them.



Michael E Smith, 45, captain … officer, b Ireland

Jane G, 30, b Scotland

Frederick A Smith, 33, brother, Captain 1st Royals, b Ireland

Amelia Pike, 25, servant, b Devon

Ann Pinion, servant, 21, b Kent

Sarah Shearman, servant, 17, b Ely

Harriett Baines, 75, clergyman’s widow, b Hunts


(8 Hills Road)

John Halsey Law, 61, landowner barrister retired, b Herts

Matilda Shropnell, 46, servant, b Bath

Sarah Haines, 28, servant, b Somerset

John Halsey Law (c1810-1877) was a Fellow of King’s College


(2 Cintra Terrace)

Reginald Calvert, 48,  Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire, b Manchester

Maria, 45, C C wife, b Manchester

Marian, 14, b Canterbury

Willam Levitt, 20, indoor servant, b Waterbeach

Fanny Todd, 25, cook, Newport Pagnell

Emma Elliott, 22, housemaid, Northants

Jane Humphreys, visitor, 46, gardiner’s wife, Hants

Lillian Humphreys, visitor, 7, b India

Amy J, 2, visitor, b Bucks




Kate G Elmslie, 43, b Scotland, living on own means

William A L, 16, b London

Elizabeth Brown, 50, b Hants, cook

Rebecca Gordin, 20, b Milton, housemaid


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