Capturing Cambridge
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16 (9) Hills Road (3 Cintra Terrace)

History of 16 Hills Road

Pevsner notes (Cambridgeshire p. 327): the retained facade of Cintra House, originally added c 1860-5 to an early C19 four-storey terrace. The design is reportedly by John Edlin, in a very coarse eclectic style, with a row of roundels and heads sticking out of them.



Elizabeth Dias Santas, widow, 58, retired merchant’s widow, b Suffolk

Ann Mason, servant, 50, b Kent, cook

Jane Smith, servant, 25, b Norfolk, housemaid


(9 Hills Road)

Mary Elizabeth Okes, widow,  funded property

Frances Jane

Emily K

Jane M

Philippa M

Elizabeth Stukely, 24, cook, b Suffolk

Elizabeth Liles, 24, housemaid, b Hunts

Henry Clements, 20, footman, b Fulbourn


(3 Cintra Terrace)

Mary E C Okes, widow, 77, funded property, b Middlesex

Frances J, 53, investments in land, b Cambridge

Emily K, 50, investments in land, b Cambridge

Jane M, 46, investments in land, b Cambridge

Philippa M, 44, investments in land, b Cambridge

Mary Kitson, 44, housemaid, b Haslingfield

Louisa Sargent, 30, cook, b Shelford

Abigail Housden, 28, nurse, b Essex

Mary Thulbourn, 26, parlour maid, b Oakington




Joseph Henry Gray, 44, fellow and dean of Queen’s College, b Isle of Man

Ada F, 36, b London

Margaret C, 11, born Cambridge

Harriet Carter, 30, b Grantchester, cook

Amelia G Jopson, 19, b Cambridge, housemaid


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