Capturing Cambridge
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39 Hills Road (53), Felbrigge

History of 39 Hills Road


(53 Hills Road)

Henry D Cossins, 39, corn merchant, born Somerset

Sarah, 37, born Somerset

Caroline, 15, born Somerset

Adelaide Coleman, visitor, 27, born Somerset

Elizabeth Humphrey, 18, servant, born Norfolk


(53 Hills Road)

Henry J Whitehead, attorney and solicitor, treasurer for the Borough of Cambridge

Margaret, wife, 42, born Suffolk

William Henry, 17, born Cambridge

Mary Jane, 16

Gertrude C, 14, born Cambridge

Herbert Edward, 12, born Cambridge

Amy Margaret, 8,

Annie Louise, 7,

Lucy Millar, 21, born Burwell

Eliza Jennings, 15, born Burwell


(53 Hills Road)

Henry J Whitehead

Elizabeth, wife, 39, born Northampton

Mary J

Herbert E, 22, auctioneer. born Cambridge

Amy M

Annie L

Frank E, 5 mos, born Cambridge

Mary A Shelford, 31, servant, cook, born Essex

Catherine A Pett, 24, housemaid, born Cambridge

Celia A Richmond, 22, nursemaid, born Wilbraham


Henry J Whitehead, 62, solicitor borough treasurer, born Lancs

Mary J, daughter, 36, born Cambridge

Amy M, 28, born Cambridge

Annie L, 27, born Cambridge

Eirene M, 7, born Cambridge

Annie Hart, 21, cook, born Chatteris

Harriet E Golding, 19, nurse, born Wolverhampton

Esther Fincham, 23, housemaid, born Linton


Samuel Pope, 55, retired china merchant, born Cambridge

Alice, 43, born Cambridge

Olive V, 3, born Newmarket

Harriet Juniper, daughter, 19, born Newmarket

John Juniper, son in law, 30, railway servant fitter, born St Albans

Esther Webb, 15, servant, born Dullingham


Horace Groom, 54, journalist ‘The Field’ newspaper, born Norfolk

Gertrude, 52, born Yorkshire

Clement, 30, born Norfolk

Barbara, 28, born Norfolk

Lucy Beales, cook, 22, born Norfolk

Annie Biggs, 20, housemaid, born Babraham


Thomas Frohock


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