Capturing Cambridge
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4 Hills Road (3)

History of 4 Hills Road



William Davy, 69, gentleman, b Oxon

Amelia, 50, lady, b Ireland

Thomas Quinlivan, 34, Roman Catholic priest, b Ireland

William Collis, visitor, 29, railway inspector

Elizabeth Maguire, 29, servant, b Soham

William Blackman, 9, servant, b Soham



Thomas Quinlivan

Amelia Davey, boarder, 58,  widow, fundholder’s widow, b Ireland

Elizabeth Hopper, servant, 25, b Thetford

Thomas Quinlivan had come to Cambridge from St Etheldreda’s in Ely.


(3 Hills Road)

Thomas Quinlivan, R Catholic Priest St Andrews New Town

Elizabeth Hopper, servant, widow, 68, housekeeper, b Hants [may be some confusion in this entry between Elizabeth Hopper and Amelia Davey]


(3 Hills Road)

Thomas Quinlivan, 64, Roman Catholic Priest, b Ireland

Arthur J Wallace, boarder, 40, Roman Catholic Priest, b Suffolk

Margaret Reddan, 36, housekeeper, b Ireland


William Henry Weston


Elizabeth Ann Bye, servant, 24, b Soham


William H Weston


Dora S R Cooper,

Edith Carrington, servant, 18, b Chesterton


William Henry Weston, 59, medical practitioner, b Notts

Laura, 57, b Cambridge

Dora Searle Robertson Cooper, niece, 26, assistant teacher, b Herts

Sarah Elizabeth Dimock, servant, 23, b Stretham


W H Weston, MD, surgeon


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