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49 (47/45) Hills Road

History of 49 Hills Road


(45 Hills Road)

George Fowler, 42, bookseller’s clerk, born Scotland

Helen Fowler, 41, born Scotland

William J Fowler, 14, born France

Alexandra, 7, born London

Helen Harriet, 1, born London

Mary Constance, 6m, born London

Emma Dodson, servant, 22, born Soham


(47 Hills Road)

William Baker, 39, Sup of Agents of Prudential Assurance Society, born Lincoln

Mary J, 36, born Sussex

Mary J, 17, dressmaker, born Sussex

William, 14, born Sussex

Charles, 11, born Sussex

Harriett E, 5, born London

Florence E, 3, born London

Reginald T, 1, born Cambridge

Catherine M Hall, servant, 13, born Bourn


John Stuart Holder, 54, assistant overseer, born Cambridge

Isabella, 49, born Cambridge

Agnes May, 23, born Cambridge

Isabel E, 18, born Cambridge

Ernest S, 14, born Cambridge

Percival J, 12, born Cambridge

Richard Hetley, 16, iron manager’s apprentice, born Hunts

Annie Harding, servant, 18, born Burwell

Emma Knowles, lodger, 37, living on own means, born London


Harry G Aldis, 38, librarian, born Norfolk

Jane, 38, born Norfolk

Ralph H, 10, born Norfolk

Minnie Durrant, 16, servant, born Burwell


Thomas Chapton Paul, 70, widower, livery stable keeper dealer in horses, born Bottisham

Mwevyn Chapton Paul, 32, son, ironmongers assistant, born Bottisham

Evelyn Constance Paul, 27, daughter, teacher of music, born Bottisham


B. Baldwin Bales, F R C O


On the 24th September during the night several bombs fell on central Cambridge. The target was the Cambridge railway facilities which had been spotted by a high flying Ju88. One bombs hit Fenners cricket ground, another  the University tennis courts near Gresham Road and another the garden of 49 Hills Road. Thousands of windows were broken and tiles dislodged in the area. The same night two large bombs fell at Cherry Hinton Hall. (See Bowyer Air Raid! pub 1986)


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