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52 Hills Road (27)(25)

History of 52 Hills Road



Walter Patrick, 35, baker

Frances, 34,

James, 5,

Joseph, 3,

Susannah, 1,

Sarah Adams, 19, servant


Charles Allen, 58, retired bookbinder, b Chesterton

Sarah, 57, b Cambridge

Sarah, 14, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Skinner, 27, servant



Catherine S Pain, 21, unmarried, fundholder, b Cambridge

Eleanner Pain, sister, 16, fundholder, b Cambridge

Mary Wallman, 30, servant, b Shelford



Sarah Pain, widow, 71, income from interest on money, b Beds

Eleanor, 26, b Cambridge

Mary Wallman, 39, servant, b Gt Shelford

Lucy E Tuxford, 21, housemaid, b Cambridge


(27 Hills Road)

Mary E Cross, widow, 48, lodging house keeper, b Cambridge

Charles W, 20, upholsterer, b Cambs

John D, 19, cook, b Cambs

William B, 17, clerk, b Cambs

Ada B, 14, b Cambridge

Ethel H, 7, b Cambridge

Elizabeth A Clark, servant, 18, b Cambridge

Amelia Hitch, lodger, 68, widow, consols and houses, b Middlesex

Matilda Hemans, head, widow, 50, dividends, b Dublin

Emily Hemans, 20, b London

Blanche Hemans, 16, b London


Isaiah Woolf Jacobs, 33, accountant, b Oxford

Josephine, 28, b Poland

Norman Leonard, 6, b Bath

Ruth, 2, b Cambridge

Dorethea, 3 mos, b Cambridge

Abraham Hart,  bro in law, 36, accountant and auctioneer, b Poland

Ada Noah, 22, nurse, b Birmingham

Emma Cooper, 14, servant, b Cambs


William L White, 36, chemist,  b Soham

Jessie M, 27, b Cambridge

Mabel J, 2, b Cambridge

Avis Cracknell, servant, 15, b Reach


Herbert Webb, 45, coach smith, born Cambs

Carrie, 50, born Lowestoft


Church & Son, pharmaceutical chemists

Herbert James Webb, coach smith


Percy C Woodcock, b 1900, butchers shopman

Ivy F, b 1912, drapers shop assistant




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