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7 (65/64) Hills Road (Caius Houses)

History of 7 Hills Road


William Cox, 54, labourer

Elanor, 50,


(64 Paul’s Cottage)

William Cox, 64, general labourer, born Hunts

Ellen, 60, born Cambs


(64 Hills Road built circa 1860)

Samuel Clear, widower, farmer of 587 acres employing 21 labourers and 12 boys

Walter W, 34, born Shepreth

Frances J, 32

Ann Badcock, 36, servant, cook, born Cambs

Jane Whitmore, servant, 24, housemaid, born Cambs


(65 Hills Road)

Samuel Clear, widower, farmer of 584 acres employing 35

Walter S

Francis J

Elizabeth Moule, servant, 26, housemaid, born Fulbourn

Maria Hardwick, cook, 26, born Fulbourn


Samuel Clear, 80, widower, farmer, born Shepreth

Walter S,

Francis J,

Emily Chapman, servant, 23, born Cambs

Elizabeth E Bolding, 19, born Gt Chishill


Walter W Clear

Francis J Clear, brother, 63, farmer, born Shepreth

Mary A Ward, servant, cook, born Essex

Elizabeth Hills, servant, housemaid, born Suffolk


Walter Wedgborough Clear, single, 74, farmer, born Shepreth

Ada Ann Wright, 32, cook, born Cambridge

Beatrice Pink, 31, housemaid, born Long Stanton


Water W Clear JP


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