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72 - 80 Hills Road, 1972 (MoC40/72)

72 Hills Road, The Dorset Hotel (1 Dorset Terrace)

History of 72 Hills Road


(1 Dorset Terrace)

Charles Alfred Vinter, robe maker


Charles H


Alice Maude

Eliza Matthews, servant, 22, b Comberton

Mary Ann Barron, servant, 20, nursemaid, b Newmarket

Jane Gray, 14, undermaid, b Cambridge

(In 1891 the Vinter family was living at 6 Salisbury Villas Station Road)


(1 Dorset Terrace)

Charles Vinter, 37, robemaker & tailor employing 23 men, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 37, b Peterboro

Charles H, 14, b Cambridge

Ernest, 12, b Cambridge

Alice Maud, 10, b Cambridge

Percival, 9, b Cambridge

Vida W, 6,  b Cambridge

Ethel G, 4, b Cambridge

Caroline Childs, 22, cook, b Longstanton

Fanny Linton, 21, housemaid, born Oakington

Emma Gray, 17, nursemaid, b Cambridge


(1 Dorset Terrace)

James F Miller, 44, wine merchant, b Cambridge

laura, 42, b Cambridge

Sydney J, 20, solicitor’s articled clerk, b Cambridge

Gertrude C, 19, b Cambridge

Augustus, 15, b Cambridge

Mabel S, 13, b Cambridge

Leslie, 2, b Cambridge

Ruth Humphreys, servant, 20, b Cambridge, cook

Clara Heeps, servant,  19, b Burwell, nurse

Flora Warren, servant, 17, c Wilburton, housemaid


(1 Dorset Terrace)

Henry Brandreth, 67, clergy man Church of England, b London

Catherine L R, daughter, 28, b Norfolk

Mary A Reed, lady’s maid, b Staffs

Caroline While, servant, 31, born Suffolk, parlour maid

Mary Barrett, servant, 20, b Norfolk, cook

Jane Payne, servant, 44, b Bourne, cook

Annie Sawtrey, servant, 17, b Swaffham Prior, housemaid


(72, The Dorset Hotel)

David Thomas Davies, 52, commercial traveller in watches, b Wales

Edith Alice May Davies, 42, unlicensed hotel proprietress, born Dover

Albert Stanley Davies, 12, born London

Arthur Reginald Sinclare Davies, 7, born Ireland


The Dorset Hotel, private and commercial, George W Skeet proprietor

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