Capturing Cambridge
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9 (64) Hills Road (Caius Houses)

History of 9 Hills Road


(64 Hills Road)

James V Pryor, unmarried, 43, fish merchant master employer 5 men & 3 boys.

In 1861 James had been a fishmonger with his father at 27 Petty Cury.

By 1891 James Pryor had moved with his family to The Hall, Milton.


John Wisken


Kate W Cambridge, servant, 22, born Cambs

Jessie Cambridge, servant, 21, born Cambs

John Wisken had married Catherine Hunter in August 1863 when he was Head Master of Newport Grammar School in Essex.


John Wisken

Catherine Wisken, wife, 70,

Gertrude Findley, 15, housemaid, born Norfolk

Annis Findley, 22, cook, born Norfolk


John Wisken, 89, clergyman Church of England, born Cambridge

Rose Myhill, 25, servant,

Alice Carter, 21, servant,

Mrs Wisken, wife, 80


Rev John Wisken MA


Shrubbery School

This school was previously at 3 Bateman Street


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