Capturing Cambridge
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Howe House, Howes, The Close, Hotel Felix, Huntingdon Road

History of Howe House

A H Nelson mentions in Early Cambridge Theatre p.100 ┬áthat ‘an apparently minor open air venue was the Howes now recalled by such names as Howes Place and the White House.

1580: one Robinson, a neighbour of Sir Francis Hinde of Madingley, obtained a licence ‘to show, and exercise certaine games at or nigh vnto the howse next Cambridge’

1611-12: the university acted to stop baiting here

1618: D’Ewes reported that he had played bowls at ‘a green about a mile from Cambridge called Howse’ and received refreshment at ‘the cottage that standeth there.’

OS map 1898 Madingley Road


1913: in Girton village


1962: Howe House

  1. James P G Runciman
  2. A W Andrews


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