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Stone head from the St Andrew's the Less workhouse c. 1830

1 Staffordshire Street, 8 – 9 Staffordshire Gardens, Victoria Lodging House

History of 1 Staffordshire Street

This is believed to be the same location as the St Andrew the Less Workhouse, Staffordshire Gardens. It was built in 1830 and could accommodate up to 46 children. It was demolished in the 1960s.

St Andrew the Less Workhouse, Staffordshire Gardens (Street)

[I have tried to locate this institution in censuses for 1851-1881 with no success to date. RGL 2.7.2020]


1891: (8-9 Staffordshire Gardens)






Robert Innie McMurray, 64, lodging house keeper, b Belfast

Ann Louisa McMurray, 63, assisting in business, b Birmingham

Arthur Clark, deputy, 21, single, hotel labourer, b London

Under is names of Lodgers in Common Lodging House:

Frederick Thomas,26, carpenter, b Oxford

Henry Munt, 27, labourer, b Hants

William Goodyear, 50, gardener, b Hants

Amas Keep, 56, baker, b Beds

Henry Wilson, 25, general labourer, b Sheffield

William Budley, 61, general labourer, b London

Reginald Dobson, 25, tailor, b Manchester

John Humber, 60, general labourer, b Dorchester

John Bain, 49, stone mason, b Peterborough

George Tinsley, 56, iron moulder, b Warwicks

Charles Taylor, 32, general labourer, b Colchester

Alexander Rennie, 25, baker, b Scotland

William Smith, 22, electric labourer, b Leeds

Benjamin Thomas, 29, showman, b London

Harry Alderton, 42, army pensioner labourer, b Cambridge

John Tweed, 61, shoemaker, b Essex

Thomas Brown, 35, carpenter, b Norwich

Joseph Cockburn, 67, coach builder, b Edinburgh

Percy Ethridge, 25, fruiterer, b Cambridge

Moses Hows, 71, old age pensioner, b Hauxton

Walter Kefford, 43, general labourer, b Trumpington

John Boston, 56, cooper, b South Shields

Harry Gray, 54, 54, labourer, b Cambridge

Horace Alderton, 26, cab driver, b Cambridge

William Lee, 64, porter, b Cambridge

Fred Bowron, 29, labourer Stockton on Tees

Edwin Simmonds, 46, hawker, b Cambridge

George Hills, 34, labourer, b Cambridge

William Simmonds, 60, labourer, b Newmarket

John Foredam, 37, labourer, b Newmarket


1913: Victoria Lodging House

Robert Macmurray, manager



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