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Ye Olde Castle Hotel 38 St Andrew's Street

38 St Andrew’s Street, Ye Olde Castle Hotel, Castle Inn, Rudd’s Hostel

History of 38 St Andrew's Street

Outside the Barnwell Gate (1915) states that his is the site of a building which in 1283 was given by Hugh de Balsham, Bishop of Ely, to St John’s Hospital as part of the compensation for the loss suffered by the removal of his scholars to the newly-founded Peterhouse. In the foundation deed of Peterhouse the tenement is described as “hospicium contra fratres predicatores.”

14th century Cambridge map

Castle Hotel pub sign

Caius in his history of Cambridge writing 300 years later call’s the building ‘Rudd’s Hostel’ and says it stood a little beyond the church of the Friars Preachers but on the other side of the street. Richard parker, writing in 1622, says that ‘it is now become the Castle Inn’. ¬†In 1915 it was the property of Corpus Christi College.

The Old Castle

Castle Hotel St Andrew’s Street


Ye Olde Castle Hotel, James Hammond proprietor

Headquarters of the Vincent Ramblers Cycling Club,¬†Cambridge Town Football Club, Cambs Cricket Assoc, 99 Rowing Club, Cambridge Butchers’ Association and Cambridge Horse Club

Albert Percy Hammond

William Walden Hammond

Castle Hotel, St Andrew’s Street



Castle Public House

Sidney G Bateman


2018: (37)

Castle Bar



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