Capturing Cambridge
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49 Bateman Street

49 Bateman Street, Sylfield House

History of 49 Bateman Street


Henry William Fulford, 46, clergyman  Church of England, b London [former Dean of Clare College buried at Mill Road cemetery]

Rose E, 46, b Exeter

Elizabeth W Woodbury, mother in law, widow, 83, b Exeter

Dorothy E, 19, b Cambridge

Phillis M, 17, b Cambridge

Clare R L, 9, b Cambridge

Alice Squire, 22, cook, b Cambridge

Alice Marshall, 24, housemaid, b Shelford

Clara Randall, visitor, 40, nurse, b Woking



Edward Woodall Naylor, 44, doctor in music composer teacher author, b Yorks

Susan Marion, 39, b Yorks

Guy Darnley, 4, b Cambridge

Bernard James, 3, b Cambridge

Roger Wilfrid, 2, b Cambridge

Agneta May Church, 26, lady nurse, b essex

Ivy Hill, 24, nurse, b Gloucester

Sarah Ellen Utteridge, 29, cook, b Trumpington

Martha Rose Lowings, 21, house parlourmaid, b Gamlingay

Clara Charlotte Leeds, 17, housemaid, b Cambridge



Edward Woodall Naylor, organist and lecturer in music Emmanuel College

English organist and composer



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