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Rectory Farm, Fulbourn 1901 OS map

Rectory Farm, Fulbourn

History of Rectory Farm, Fulbourn


Thomas Wright, 35, farmer of 744 acres employing 24 men, 18 boys & girls

Elizabeth Jane

John, 5, b Fulbourn

Ann Hopkin, 3, b Fulbourn

Mary Jane, 1, b Fulbourn

Rebecca Hopkin, step sister, 23, b Norfolk

Eliza Louisa Rayner, 19, dairymaid, b Balsham

Susan Morley, 16, housemaid, b Abington

Elizabeth May Hall, 12, nursemaid, b Fulbourn

Charles Furback, 15, groom, b Fulbourn


Thomas Wright, 45, farmer landowner  534 acres 14 men 12 boys, b Upwell Cambs

Elizabeth Jane, 40, b Upwell Norfolk

John, 15, b Fulbourn

Mary J, 11, b Fulbourn

William Hopkin, 8, b Fulbourn

Arthur, 7, b Fulbourn

Rebecca Hopkin, 34, independent, sister in law, b Norfolk

Margaret Morley, 21, servant, b Abington

Kate Daisley, 17, servant, b Grantchester

[In 1881 the family were at Sylfield House, Bateman Street]


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