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15a, Fordfield, Brooklands Avenue (Avenue Road)

History of 15a Brooklands Avenue

Fordfield was on the site occupied by the Hope Nursing Home in the late 20th century. According to Pevsner it is a ‘polychromatic brick villa of 1869.’


(Fordfield, Avenue Road)

Henry Joseph Wetenhall, alderman hop merchant


Catharine Sarah, 18, born Cambridge

Annie Warren Gregory, niece, 21, born New York

Elizabeth Hubbard, 24, cook, born Norfolk

Sarah Hubbard, servant, 19, housemaid, born Norfolk

Eli Carrington, servant, 18, groom, born Histon

Fordfield Cottage:

Henry Smith Holmes, 26, gardener, born Cambs

Martha Elizabeth Holmes, 24, born St Ives

Ernest, 1, born Cambridge


(Fordfield House, Avenue Road)

Henry J Wetenhall, 65, hop merchant, born Suffolk


Susanna J Boyle, 64, widow, sister in law, chiefly from rents of house property, born Cambridge

Florence Boyle, 29, niece, born Middlesex

Clara Carter, 29, servant, cook, born Grantchester

Jemima Howe, 22, servant, housemaid, born Cambs

Martin Sorson, 18, servant, groom, born Cambs

Fordfield Cottage:

James Jervis, 60, gardener, born Cambs

Jane, 62, born Hunts


Emma Wetenhall, head, 71, widow, living on own means, born Cambridge

Henry J W Tillyard, grandson, born Cambridge

Alfreda C W Tillyard, granddaughter, born Cambridge

Eustace M W Tillyard, grandson, born Cambridge

Marie Aubriet, servant, 27, born France, governess

Mary Lime, 29, servant, born Hunts, cook,

Ellen M Ison, servant, 23, born Quy, housemaid,

Rose H Prior, servant, 77, born Hunts, nurse

Fordfield Cottage:

Henry Hubbard, gardener

Emma Hubbard


Alfred I Tilyard, 48, newspaper proprietor and editor

Catherine S, 48,

Eustace M W, 11,

Ellen M Ison, 33, born Quy

Elizabeth Dean, 29, born Quy

Fordfield Cottage:

Henry Hubbard, 70, gardener, born Norfolk

Emma, 70, born Suffolk

Emily, 30, born Gt Shelford

Catherine Tillyard and women in politics – 1892

Making Cambridge’s schools accessible to children – 1893


Alfred Isaac Tillyard, 59, newspaper editor, born Norwich

Catherine Sarah, 58, born Cambridge

Henry Julius, 29, classical lecturer,  born Cambridge

Eustace Mandeville, 21, student law, born Cambridge

Susan Collins, servant, 45, cook,  born Landbeach

Esther Louisa Smith, 25, housemaid, born St Ives

Fordfield Cottage:

Albert Parry, 54, gardener domestic, born Hereford

Laura Parry, 53, born Herts

Ralph Parry, 18, clerk finance office county council, born Essex

Victor Parry, 13, born Essex


Alfred Isaac Tillyard MA JP Alderman of the County Council

Albert Parry, gardener, Fordfield Cottage


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