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22, Holmesdale/2 Brookland Villas , Brooklands Avenue

History of 22 Brooklands Avenue


(2 Brookland Villas)

Catharine Suart, 48, income from dividends, born Italy

Louis Pinard, 41, butler, born France

Martha Pettit, 35, housemaid, born Cambs

Ann Robinson, 26, cook, born Cambridge

Annie Nichols, 12, visitor, born Cambridge






(2 Brookland Villas)

Samuel F Dufton, 34, Inspector board of education,

Ellen, 32,

Dorothy, 6,

Felix G, 4,

Sarah Thornton, sister in law, student R Coll Music,

Elizabeth Godridge, 18, nursemaid,

Clara Jolley, 20, cook,


Prof Pope absent

Hanna Barber, 45, widow, cook, born Crewe

Annie Nevett, visitor, 52, born Crewe


William Jackson Pope, MA FRS, Fellow of Sidney and Professor in Chemistry

Sir William J Pope (1870-1939) was an English chemist. He studied crystallography and stereochemistry. In WWI he served on the Board of Invention and Research for the Admiralty and on the Chemical Warfare Committee at the Ministry of Munitions. he was knighted in the 1918 New Year Honours.


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