Capturing Cambridge
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Nos 1-4 Brookside

3 Brookside, Trumpington Road

History of 3 Brookside

3 Brookside


William Bond, 82, grocer, b Cambridge

Anne, 80,  b Cambridge

Anne, 54, b Cambridge

Helen Finlayson, visitor, 36, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Richardson, visitor, widow, 66, living on own means, b Suffolk

Eliza Whitehead, 40, cook, b Haddenham

Hannah Criswell, 36, parlourmaid, b Hunts

Elizabeth Cornell, 19, housemaid, b Harston



John Barnard Bird, 57, chemical manufacturer, b Cambridge

Harriot Jessie Bird, 46, b Norfolk

Horace Barnard Bird, 18, chemist at chemical works, b Cambridge

Mary Gambling Bird, 14, b Cambridge

Enid Barbara Bird, 12, b Cambridge

Thomas Gambling Bird, 9, b Cambridge

Barbara Rebecca Bird, niece, 15, b Cambridge

Eva Brory, 23, sewing maid, b Stowmarket

Sarah Emma Bull, 41, cook, b Cambridge

Winifred Ellen Langley, 24, housemaid,  b Cambs



John B Bird


Mrs G Coles

Thomas Pack


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