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39 Norwich Street, Advent 2021

39 (73) Norwich Street

History of 39 Norwich Street


Built by Trinity Hall and leased to Robert Sayle for 98 years


Lease assigned to William Clayton, builder



John Robinson, 60, shoemaker, b Northants

Mary Ann, 62, b Kent



Robert Laws, 51, coal agent, b Norfolk

Mary, 53, b Norfolk

Mary E, 24, milliner’s assistant, b Cambridge

Robert J, 20, grocer’s clerk, b Cambridge

William H, 16, builder’s clerk,  b Cambridge



Robert Laws, coal agent


Lease assigned to Barrett Christmas and Maria Brand of the Leys School. Sale price £205. Yearly rent £1 9s 1/2d part of yearly rent of £2 18s 1d.


Robert Laws, 71, widower, waiter hotel, b Norfolk

Louisa Rooke, housekeeper, 61, b Cambridge


Assigned to Max Walters of St Johns College (borrower) and Grace Lilly Gotobed (purchaser). She advance £400 at 4%.


Lease assigned between Betty James Yandell and Arthur Kenneth Sykes


Trinity Hall lease expired and sold freehold to Mrs Yandell for £875.

Mrs Yandell sold to Mes A W Proctor for £1075.


Mrs Proctor sold to Mrs lawson for £2750

Mrs Lawson sold to Mr G A Brown for £4025


Sold by Mr Brown to Mr AAA Edwards for £8250 and bought again by his own son Peter in Oct 1980 for £10,000.


Sold by Peter Edwards to Maj and Mrs G L Stemp for £47,000.


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