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Mawson, Tenison Roads and Unin Terrace area 1886

Mawson Road, Union Terrace

History of Mawson Road and Union Terrace

The map identifies the inherent problems with Mawson Road. Building started from the south west end of Union Terrace and was initially treated as new road.

1891: this census has what seems to be provisional numberings for the houses in Mawson Road, largely sequentially, whilst the numbers for Union Terrace are odd and even facing each other. The Mawson Road houses are difficult to match with those in 1901.

1901: Numbers in Mawson Road are now odd and even facing each other but the numbering starts from the meeting with the last houses of Union Terrace. The Mawson Road houses can to a greater extent be matched with numbers in 1911.

1911: Union Terrace has been merged with Mawson Road, It is all now Mawson Road and the numbering starts from the beginning of Union Terrace. So the Union Terrace Houses have largely the same the same numbers as before but the Mawson Road houses have a new number.


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