Capturing Cambridge
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53 Norwich Street, T Adkins 1883

77 (53) Norwich Street (The Eclipse)

History of 77 Norwich Street


(53) The Eclipse

Thomas Freeston Jarvis, widower, 31, butcher and publican, b Suffolk

William Aaron, 1, b Cambridge

George William Jarvis, 18, brother, butcher, b Suffolk

Eleanor Hopkins, 28, domestic housekeeper, b Cambridge

Ruth Watts, 14, general servant, b Waterbeach

William Henry Read, 24, carpenter and joiner, b Suffolk



Thomas Adkins, butcher and publican


Thomas S

William J

Bingham C, 7, b Cambridge

Annie P

Clement, 3,

George Garsedge, apprentice, 16, butcher’s apprentice, b Over

Charles R Steggall, lodger, 26, barrister’s clerk, b London

Emiline M Steggall, 24, lodger,  b Bath

Charles G Steggall, 2, lodger, b France

Reginald R Steggall, 1, lodger, b Belgium



Thomas Adkins, 43, butcher and publican, b Hunts

Eliza, 54, b Cambs

Thomas S A, 19, clerk, b Cambridge

William J, 18, butcher’s assistant, b Cambridge

Charles B Adkins, 17, cook’s apprentice, b Cambridge

Annie M, 16, b Cambridge

Clemmence, 13, butcher’s assistant, b Cambridge

Minnie A Clark, 14, servant, b Linton



Thomas Adkins, 54, butcher, b Cambs

Eliza, 63, b Cambs

William J, 28, butcher, b Cambridge

Charles B, 27, chef, b Cambridge

Annie M, 26, bookkeeper, b Cambridge

Clement, 23, butcher, b Cambridge

12/3/1909: Thomas Adkins of Musgrave Farm, Fen Ditton carried on a butcher’s business in Norwich Street for 30 years. He was well-known at the Cattle Market and was one of the judges at the Christmas Fat Stock sales. His death at the age of 61 came as a surprise, as he usually enjoyed excellent health. About a month ago, however, he broke a blood vessel and in spite of constant and skilful medical attention he died. (Cambridge Press)


Clement Adkins, 33, butcher, b Cambridge

Maud Caroline, 28, b London

Nellie Gertrude, 2, b Cambridge

Millie Martha Reynolds, servant, 18, b Cambs





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