Capturing Cambridge
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78 (30) Norwich Street

History of 78 Norwich Street



George John Harding, widower, 60, builder, b Haddenham

Bertha Sutton Saggers, daughter, 29, b Cambridge

John Saggers, son in law, 26, railway clerk, b Cambs

George Edwin Saggers, grandson, 11 mos, b Cambridge



John Saggers, 36, widower, railway agent carrier

George E, 10,

Sidney H, 8,

George Harding, father in law, widower, 71,

Rebecca Fox, visitor, widow, 74,



John Saggers, 46, railway clerk, b Cambs

Naomi A, 48, b Cambs

George E, 20, railway clerk, b Cambridge

Sidney H, 18, railway clerk, b Cambridge

John Meeks, father in law, widower, 81, retired wheelwright, b Cambs



Walter G White, 35, pianoforte tuner, b London

Louisa M, 34, b London

Elsie L Parker, niece, 4, b Surrey


Frederick G Preston, 28, gardener Botanic Gardens,  b Peterborough

Ada, 23, b Kew


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