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B & T, Panton Brewery

43 (17a) Panton Street, Panton Arms, brewery

History of 43 Panton Street

Panton Arms

1869 brewery founded by Charles Lloyd Davis after he left the Earl Street brewery in 1869.


James Cross, publican, 50, b Hunts
Emma, 33, b Hunts
Phillis L, 8, b Cambridge
Emily Wairing, servant, 17, b Notts

1887 brewery sold to Barnet William Beales. Beales had been born at 42 Sidney Street. he became a well known Cambridge businessman.

1892 Albert Edward Beales (Kellys)

1897 Following a serious injury, Barnet sold brewery to Bailey and Tebbutt. Harold Barber Bailey was the son of Frederick Bailey of the Star Brewery.

1901 (17a)

John Clark, 47, publican coachman, b Cambridge

Ellen E, 46, b Kent

Percy Clark, 18, college servant, b Cambridge

Hilda M, 12, b Cambridge

Tom, 10,  b Cambridge

Denys, 8, b Cambridge

Daisy, 14, servant,  b Cambridge

1904 Sydney E Clarke (Kellys)

Panton Brewery c 1910

1906-7 major expansion when site of newtown Hall was acquired. There were three boreholes of 155′-200′ to the Lower Greensand.

1911 Panton Tap

Charles Oliver Orders


Henry J Whitby

Panton Brewery

1918 private company registered, Bailey and Tebbutt Ltd


brewery taken over by Green King

In 1933 Edward Fitzgerald was taken on as deputy manager of the Greene King brewery in Panton Street. The family moved from Suffolk and his son Desmond recalled in 2019 visiting as a boy and seeing that a ‘tea break’ was actually a ‘glass of beer’ break! It was a small brewery and his father stayed there until his retirement after 60 years working for Greene King.

1936, Blue Book

1957 brewing stopped


Leslie T Ambrose

Panton Street Brewery c.1960


Brewery demolished

Panton Arms (MoC337.70)



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