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1 Station Road

1 Station Road/61/30 Hills Road, Great Northern Hotel

History of 1 Station Road

An important building in townscape terms especially when looking N along Hills Road. Has group value especially with the Hills Road terraces and historical linkages as the former Great Northern Hotel. A building of local interest and a positive feature within the Conservation Area. (Camb City Council)

Station Road nos 1-5


(30 Hills Road)

Andrew Philips, 48, Brewer and Innkeeper, born Essex

Elizabeth, 47, b Cambridge

Eliza, 15, b Essex

Sarah Ann, 13, b Cambridge

Sarah Tree, visitor, 60, b Bottisham

Harriett Harding, 6, visitor, b Reach

Sarah Ann Hampton, 37, servant, b Cambridge

Harriett Mason, 13, servant, b Fulbourn

William White, 50, b Essex




Great Northen Hotel

Martin Burn, 37, hotel keeper and brewer, b Newcastle

Martha, 39, b Newcastle

Martha Selkirk, stepdaughter, 19, b Newcastle

Jane Selkirk, stepdaughter, 14, b Essex

William Selkirk, stepson, 10, b Calcutta India

Fanny Selkirk, stepdaughter, 7, b Newcastle

Albert Burn, son, 3, b Cambridge

Mary A Plaister, visitor, 25, dressmaker, b Somerset

George Piper, boarder, 43, commercial traveller in stationery, b Essex

William Cole, servant, 63, brewer’s helper, b Suffolk

Sibratha Cole, servant, 49, b Soham

Anne Wisbey, servant, 22, b Shelford




(61 Hills Road)

Martha Burn, widow, hotel keeper

Albert A, brewer

Robert Edwards, visitor, 40, bank clerk, born Cambridge

Jane D Edwards, visitor, 34, born London

Emily Taylor, servant, born Cambs

Susan Trundler, servant, 19, born Cambs


Albert A Burn




Annie Wicks, manageress to hotel

Gertrude Smith, servant, 18, housemaid, born London

Ethel Cross, servant, 16, nurse, born Cambs.

Annie Oakett, 22, kitchen maid, born Hunts.


Albert Alexander Burn, 43, hotel proprietor and brewer, born Cambridge

Ada Elizabeth, 43, assisting in business, born Cambridge

Ena Alexander, 15, daughter, born Cambridge

Beryl Ada, 11, daughter, born Cambridge

Audrey Mary Cross, governess, 23, born Sandringham

Annie Maria Wicks, sister in law, 41, manageress, born Cambridge

Dora Annie Doncaster, servant, 26, barmaid in hotel,  born Cambridge

Maud Ager, servant, 19, housemaid, born Cambs.


Albert A Burn, proprietor


Great Northern Hotel, postmarked 1914

Then and now (David Green)  – Hills Road, Cambridge, junction with Station Road. The Catholic Church in the distance.

The first picture is a postcard postmarked 1914. The large building on the right is The Great Northern Hotel. You can see the tram lines which ran from the town into Station Road. 1914 was the year that the tram system ceased to be replaced by buses. The buildings on the left of Hills Road have all since been replaced with modern office blocks.


Great Northern Hotel 1922 (Cambridgeshire Collection)


Margaret E Covill, b 1912, waitress


(1/3) Great Northern Hotel


Great Northern Hotel in 2022 (photo DG)

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