Capturing Cambridge
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22 Station Road, Gordon Villa

History of 22 Station Road


(Gordon Villa)

George E Durnford, 59, late chief clerk war office retired, born Kent

Mary G E Durnford, 54, born London

Florence A R Durnford, 14, born Walsham


Charles T C Reed, silversmith

Emily, born Suffolk

Charles T E, under 1 m, born Cambridge

Annie Dowe, 25, servant, born Newham

Florence E Hall, 21, servant, born Bassingbourn

Naomi Ripley, 50, servant, born Swavesey


Charles Reed, 55, jeweller, born London

Emily, 47, born Suffolk

Hannah M Willis, 22, servant, born Stapleford

Amy Wolfe, servant, 18, housemaid, born Cambridge


Henry Goodman, 72, flour miller, born Huntingdon

Hannah Goodman, 74, born Norfolkj

Evelyn Irene Dorothy Gee Bell, servant, 20, born Cambridge

Violet Robinson, servant, 22, cook, born Cambridge


Henry Goodman



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