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25 Station Road, Netherby, 3 Salisbury Villas

History of 25 Station Road


(3 Salisbury Villas)

Emily H Crole, widow, 42, income form land and houses, born Dorset

Frederic W Freemantle Bishop, 21, B A Arts Cambridge,  born Reading

John E Baker, servant, 23, butler, born Swaffham

Fanny Jenkins, visitor, 53, born Melbourn

Harriett C Wright, housemaid, born Pentonville

Henrietta Gunn, Cook, born Cambridge

Anne M E Futter, governess, born Suffolk

Alice N B Nepean, niece, born East Indies Bangalore

Mary E A Bentham, servant, 14, under housemaid, born Bassingbourn


(3 Salisbury Villas)

Alex F Kirkpatrick, 41, clerk in Holy Orders Canon Ely Cathedral, regional ?????? Camb. Union., born Sussex

Julia M, 32, born Hants.

Alexander P, 6, born Ely

Dorothy K, 4, born Cambridge

Herbert F, 2, born Cambridge

Roger M, 10 mos, born Cambridge

Emma C Thurlow, servant cook, 24, born Cambridge

Sophia Langley, servant housemaid, 22, born Cambridge

Ellen Lay, servant nurse, 33, born Essex

Lucy Collins, servant nursemaid, 18, born Chesterton

Alexander Francis Kirkpatrick (1849-1940) was Regius Professor of Hebrew at Cambridge and the third Master of Selwyn College.


Mary A Campbell, widow, 57, living on own means, born London

William H P, son, 26, born Kent

Mary A C, daughter, 22, born Hove

Agnes Carter, 48, cook, born Cambs




Horace Alfred Groom


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