Capturing Cambridge
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40 Station Road (3 Upper Station Road)

History of 40 Station Road


Isaac Barber, 47, merchant’s clerk

S A E Barber, born Essex

Emily Beeton, niece, 14, born Cambs

Sarah Williamson, servant, 28, born Norfolk

Alice Bunell, 7, visitor, born Cambs


(3 Station Road)

Isaac Barber, 53, corn and coal merchant’s clerk

Susan A E, 45,

Emma Harrup, servant, 21, born Melbourne

Elizabeth Reed, servant, 13, servant’s help, born Cambs


(3 Upper Station Road)

Isaac Barber

Susan A E Barber

Alice A Silk, servant, 17, born Cambridge


Isaac Barber, 78, living on own means, born Cambridge

S A E Barber, wife, 67, born Cambridge

A E Smith, servant, 17, born Grantchester

C Lewis, nurse, 62, born Trumpington


John Brooks, 48, miller, born Devon

Susan, 45, born Devon

Lucy, 20, cook, born Devon

Florrence [sic], 18, nurse, born Devon

Ethel, 17, born Devon

Ivy, 16, born Devon

Clifford, 14, born Somerset

Harold, 11, born Somerset

Amy, 9, born Somerset


John Brooks, manager Foster Bros’ Mill


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