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44 Station Road (1 Upper Station Road)(Poplar Road), Railway Commercial Hotel (Railway Inn)

History of 44 Station Road


(Railway Inn, Poplar Road)

Charles Newman, 49, innkeeper, born Middlesex

Maryanne, 40, born Littleport

Harriott, 23, assistant at inn, born Brighton

Georgeana L, 16, assistant at inn, born Cambridge

William C, 15, born London

Emma E M, 13, born Redhill

Joseph J, 12, born Essex

Mary J, 4, born Cambridge

John Doughty, servant, 56, born Norfolk

John Hodgson, servant, 59, born Essex

Eliza Hammond, servant, 18, born Cambs

George Evans, lodger, 65, clergyman, born London

George W Petifers, 29, traveller commercial, born Lincs.


(Railway Inn)

Mary Newman, 53, innkeeper

Emma E M Newman, daughter, 23, innkeeper assistant, born Surrey

Joseph J Newman, son, 21, brewer, born Essex

Alice N J Newman, daughter, 13,

Harriet Barton, 24, servant, barmaid, born Linton

Benjamin Pepperdine, boarder, 28, railway agent, born Lincs.

Mary Ann Coe, servant, 45, housemaid, born Oxon

Frederick H Patterson, 24, boarder, solicitor, born Scotland

Alfred Palmer, 18, servant boots, born Cambs

Jane Bevers, 21, cook, born Cambs

John Parker, 23, ostler, born Cambs

Albert Danby, 17, barman, born Newmarket

George Brown, boarder, 30, miller, born Suffolk

Elizabeth Joyce, boarder, 48, born Linton


(Railway Inn)

Mary Newman, 64, hotel keeper, born Littleport

Alice, 26, housekeeper, born Cambridge

Elizabeth E Hardy, barmaid, 20, born Lincs

Betsie Day, nurse, widow, 52, born Cottenham

Edwin Germany,  ostler, 22, born Cambridge

Henry Nightingale, boots (inn), 18, born Linton

Ann Chapman, housemaid, 33, born Cambs

Thomas Mordica, barman, 40, born Cambridge

George Drysdale, visitor, 55, doctor of medicine, born Scotlann


(1 Upper Station Road, Railway Inn)

Alice Newman, 35, hotel keeper

Emily Palmer, 28, servant,  housekeeper, born Peterborough

Mahala Bush, 70, servant, widow, cook, born Thriplow

Maria Greatorex, 24, servant, waiter, born Derby

Annie Lee, 17, servant, housemaid, born Abington

George Germany, servant, 51, servant, ostler, born Essex



Alice M J Newman, 38, licensed victualler, born Cambridge

Frederick W Gobbitt, visitor, 43, grocer, born Suffolk

Grace B Gobbitt, visitor, 46,  born Cambridge

William S Diaper, 46, boarder, farmer and cattle dealer, born London

Thomas J FitzGibbon, boarder, 25, flour miller, born Ireland

Lirril Ball, housekeeper, 40, born London

Mary I Clarke, 40, barmaid, born Leics.

Sophia Lock, 24, waitress, born Norfolk

Jessie Clarke, 18, housemaid, born Gt Shelford

Sidney Pauley, 16, boots, born London


Alice Newman, 55, Hotel Keeper, born Cambridge

Lizzie Bull, 55, manageress, born London

Jane Clarke, employee, 49, barmaid, born Leics.

Ellen Sasers, 30, barmaid, born Cambridge

Mary Ann Hills, 23, cook, born Linton


C W Mason, manager


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