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9 Station Road (4 Arundel Villas)

History of 9 Station Road


(4 Arundel Villas)

Charles E Gray, builder


Annie, 18, governess,

Percy, 9,

Jessie, 7,

Charles, 5

Nellie, 4

Elizabeth Bishop, servant, 19, born Cambridge

Mary Hards [?], visitor, 45, grocer’s wife, born York


(4 Arundel Villas)

Charles E Gray, retired confectioner [sic]

Harriet [sic]

Percy W, 19, auctioneer, born Cambridge

Jessie M, 17,

Charles F, 15, ironmonger, born Cambridge

Nellie M, 14,

Hester Flood, 24, servant, born Oakington


Charles Gray, retired builder

Harrette [sic]


Mabel Day, 16, housemaid, born Wicken

Clara Norman, 21, cook, born Willingham


Charles Edward Gray, 75, retired builder, born Cambridge

Harrette Dean Gray, 71, born Cambridge

Nellie Maria Gray, 34, born Cambridge

Elizabeth King, cook, 25, born Melbourne

Ethel May Headland, housemaid, 22, born Cambridge


Charles E Gray


Arthur E. E. McKenzie


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