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Caxton Gibbet, 1887 OS map

Caxton Gibbet

History of Caxton Gibbet

Enid Porter in Cambridgeshire Customs and Folklore p184, refers to Caxton Gibbet in her account of the murder at Monk Field.

1673 Christopher Ewings convicted of robbery and hung in the gibbet. He was the youngest son of Widow Gatwood, landlady of the Red Lion at Royston. he stole money and jewellery. He was caught trying to rob the mail boy on Ermine Street.

1795 James Culley, Michael Quin, Thomas Quin, and Thomas Markin, itinerant Irish farm labourers. Convicted of murder of shepherd William Marriot, his wife and young lodger.

Caxton Gibbet: from Leaflets of Local Lore by Urbs Camboritum (Cambs Collection)

Caxton Gibbet (MoC403/54)

Caxton – crossroads, 1936 (photo C F Tebbutt) (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Caxton’s gibbet was rebuilt in 1934 using timbers from an old house in Baldock, only to be cut down in April 1939. Soon after a replacement was erected. (Vanishing Cambridge p85)


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